The fascinating story

of a feminine trip

A faceted territory

to know and valorize

The momentum of a wine

that tells the light of these hills

A futuristic cellar

from which to discover the world of Petra



The Architecture of Mario Botta

Petra is a nature reserve immersed in the unique and diverse territory of the Val di Cornia. The Swiss architect Mario Botta, commissioned by Vittorio Moretti, has designed a meeting space that is a perfect blend of form and function. The result is an architectural feat that is soft, respectful and low-impact, as is the entire pathway from grape to glass.

A rational design that highlights the measure, beauty and depth of the landscape.

The wines of Petra

Harnessing the past and the force of nature

Near the ancient village of Suvereto, home to the majestic oaks that produce cork (sughero) on the ferrous hills of the Val di Cornia, looking out over the Tyrrhenian Sea: it is here, nestled in the spectacular nature of the Maremma region, that the magic of Petra emerges.


60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Franc

So symbolic of the project that it bears its name.

So symbolic of the project that it bears its name.
Bright ruby red in colour. Spicy notes of coffee and liquorice, which together with balsamic notes of Mediterranean scrub, yield a bouquet of great complexity and finesse. The nose discovers both power and volume, mitigated by freshness and minerality.


50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 10% Sangiovese
The name of an ancient Etruscan settlement in Suvereto.
Produced with a classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese, it is structured but fresh on the palate, with highly satisfying momentum. Pleasantly fruity on the finish, it has delicate, savoury notes and gentle tannins.


100% Sangiovese
One of the most outstanding expressions of the territory.
Its geological and microclimatic characteristics are clearly expressed through a vine, Sangiovese, which finds its habitat of choice in Tuscany. The palate proffers freshness and flavour, elegance and complexity, albeit in the wake of a certain vigour.


100% Merlot
A true cru that yields the Merlot grapes used to produce this wine.
The vineyard that yields this wine is located on the edge of the Mediterranean scrub, on a breezy hill overlooking the sea. As vigorous as it is balanced, it is an impactful red that does not fail to meet expectations. On the palate it is dense, broadly sumptuous, soft and with polished tannins


100% Cabernet Sauvignon
The vineyard benefits from the balanced relationship between the clayey and stony properties of the soil
The concentrated and brilliant ruby colour ushers in an aromatic spectrum that is rich in highlights and nuances. The palate is powerful, vigorous, and rediscovers the sensations offered by the nose, corralled by the wine’s fresh and profound personality.

Colle al fico

100% Syrah
One of the best crus, it is named after the place-name of the vineyard.
Intense and brilliant ruby red. The nose expresses an array of aromas that is rediscovered with great consistency on the palate, amplifying the mouthfeel and plumbing the depths of memory and recollection. A red that expresses both its varietal and its terroir.

Welcome to Petra

is not just a greeting

Discovering the estate and the winery is synonymous with rekindling the senses, indulging in curiosity and, above all, being looked after by passionate staff whose greatest pleasure is to share the beauty of this area. The tasting session links the experience of wine to that of food: the kitchen takes on the task of reinterpreting the delights of the local cuisine with a light and confident touch, making use of the products of Petra and small local farms.

Discover the 3 tour options designed for you

Guided tours at the Petra Estate are open daily for a minimum of 2 people via prior reservation. In addition to tasting the Estate wines, guests have the opportunity to taste the Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by Petra at no additional cost.

The Stars of Petra

  • Tour of the Estate and vineyards
  • Dinner paired with Petra wines
  • View from a telescope in collaboration with the Piombino Astrophiliac Association
80 euro per person

Petra Classic

  • Tour of the vineyards and the winery designed by Mario Botta
  • Tasting of 3 Petra wines
35 euro per person
duration 1.5 hours

Petra under the Tuscan sun

  • Tour of the vineyards and the winery designed by Mario Botta
  • Tasting of 3 Petra wines
  • Selection of tastings of typical, traditional Tuscan foods
45 euro per person
duration 2 hours

Petra Experience

  • Tour of the vineyards and the winery designed by Mario Botta
  • Tasting of 3 Petra wines
  • Lunch
70 euro per person
duration 3 hours

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