Belvento Wines

The wind, the sea, the Mediterranean scrub

“I Vini del Mare” selection, a range inspired by the maritime identity and the wild nature of this particular area of Tuscany.

  • vino Petra Ciliegiolo
    According to someone the Ciliegiolo is a vine that has spread in central Italy starting from Tuscany.
  • vino Petra Sangiovese
    It is known since 1500 but its genesis is probably much more remote and dates back to the first settlements of Etruscans and Romans who cultivated the vine here.
  • vino Petra Velarosa
    A vine that in the sunny and windy Maremma reaches maturity ideal for the production of wines full-bodied rosés, sapid and with a great aromatic complexity.
  • vino Petra Viognier
    In this part of Maremma Toscana the viognier can express himself best thanks to the minerality of the land that have compact, calcareous and uniform shoals.
  • vino Petra Ansonica
    Ansonica, already known in Sicily with the name of inzolia, is among the oldest native vines of Sicily and it would have arrived on the Tuscan Coast and in his archipelago by Greek merchant ships.
  • vino Petra Cabernet Sauvignon
    Tuscany is the elective homeland of the Cabernet Sauvignon and the northern Tuscan Maremma is one of the areas most suited to its cultivation.
  • vino Petra Vermentino
    A vermentino vinified in purity to enhance the typical soft and fruity nature of this vine that in the Tuscan Maremma has been able to express characters distinctive and unique.

  • The precious wires of the past weave a modern plot into the symbolic wines of the project, in which the multiplicity of soils and the passionate and alert approach of man are summarized.
  • Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo for the extra-virgin olive oil in a limited edition created by the Uliveta di Mariella. Same varietal triad for the extra virgin Petra.

Petra Wine

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